Are you maximizing your third-party claims chasing? The answer is yes with AcquireRx® claims chasing service. This ancillary service is available exclusively for AchieveRx subscribers. Our team of US-based claims chasing experts identify unpaid and underpaid payments and work directly with Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial payers to recoup those dollars on your behalf.

Your dedicated Account Representative is an integral extension of your team and is committed to maximizing every dollar your pharmacy earns. AcquireRx is seamlessly integrated with the AbsoluteAR web portal providing 24/7 access to results and reporting.

  • Dedicated Account Representative works directly with payers to recoup under-paid and unpaid claims
  • Account Representative can also resubmit claims as well as contact the payer to stop or reissue missing checks

  • Recouped payments flow directly to your chain
  • Monthly reporting and account reviews help you stay informed
  • Claim-level activity reporting available within the web portal