In 1994 NHIN AR Submission and Reconciliation Services was created, a pharmacy third party reconciliation service provided by National Health Information Network, Inc.™ (NHIN). It wouldn’t be until 2010, when NHIN AR was rebranded to AbsoluteAR, a solution of NHIN™

Prior to 2003, AbsoluteAR provided services exclusively to customers utilizing the PDX pharmacy dispensing software. Over the years, with the formation of notable partnerships, such as Topco and Associates, AbsoluteAR has grown its customer base immensely with more than half of their business representing a variety of pharmacy systems in addition to their PDX customers.

In 2006, AbsoluteAR made a big move from the legacy NHIN AR application to newer technology. Since that time, many features have been added to the application, such as Transaction Notes, the ability to display Check Images, reports delivered in Excel format, along with several other enhancements.

New meaning was brought to customer support in 2009 with the launch of the chasing claims service, AcquireRx. AbsoluteAR provided customers with a dedicated team of U.S. based claims chasing experts to identify and recoup third-party payments. 2010 brought the introduction of ActualRx, a contract management and reimbursement analysis product. Each of these products continue to grow as new features are requested by end users and as the healthcare landscape changes.

Heading into 2012, AbsoluteAR prepared its systems to be compliant with the new D.0 and 5010 changes mandated by HIPAA regulations. Shortly after, AbsoluteAR recognized the need for pharmacies to have a dependable tool to help combat seemingly unpredictable DIR fees. This spurred the creation of a DIR forecasting and reporting tool that has enabled AbsoluteAR customers to gain more transparency into their cashflows.

Today, AbsoluteAR remains committed to innovation and providing leading customer service to its clients. In addition, with a growing ecosystem of vendor partnerships and integrations, AbsoluteAR can offer a complete pharmacy solution to its customers.